Foundation Goals

The high-end Dormitory, includes special rooms, appropriate for scientific, cultural and other social meetings. It serves the foundation goal, which is the advancement of research and academic projects as well as coopeerations in the field of university education. Moreover, it brings together various creative social groups which contribute to the cultural development of the area, using the contemporary high end facilities.

The  Dormitory operates in cooperation with the University of Patras and the National Youth Foundation.

The above agreement among the organizations, contributes to the emergence of the University, the City of Patras and the surrounding area as well as the development of research, students and researchers exchange, organization of important scientific presentations, in a state of the art environment.

The University of Patras is able to provide improved services, concerning the European Student Exchange Programmes (Erasmus and others), to postgraduate foreign students and distinguished students. It can organize short term scientific conferences in the existing conference room of the Dormitory. Moreover academic professors, researchers and scientists who participate in European and International research programmes can be accomodated. 

The National Youth Foundation is able to use the facilities of the Dormitory in order to develop activities in the framework of the Dormitory's operational rules.

Finallty, the Municipality of Patras is allowed to use the Dormitory's facilities in order to offer accomodation to various delegations or representatives of either European or twinned cities programmes as well as volunteer, non-profit and environmental organizations, under the operational rules of the Dormitory regarding the availability of rooms, especially in periods of low academic activity (e.g. summer).

The Dormitory as a Youth Center

It is evident that the process of learning and the academic evolution of students is closely associated with their way of living. Greece has been trying to enhance an extended system of university education, in local and national level, by focusing on the improvement of the basic academic structures in the university buildings, facilities, equipment and human resources. These students are forced to seek housing within the cities where the academic institutions are located, making their presence desirable due to their lively lifestyle and their contribution to the local market of real estate. However, many difficulties arise in finding the appropriate student accomodation in large european cities where the housing problem is acute.

This is exactly the most important target of the "Greek Student Home" by the public welfare foundation of Demetrios and Lillie Stavropoulos. The development of the Dormitory's activities in Patras, will bring together the local community with the what the University of Patras has to offer, on an interactive basis.