Historical Facts

Demetrios Stavropoulos-Pontikis was born in Istanbul in 1890.
He moved to Paris in 1920, where he lived for most of his life with his wife Ellie-Lillie Vorides, being a businessman.

During the last years of his life he lived in 9, Irodou Attikou Street, Athens where the foundation offices are located today.
Neither he nor his wife had any heirs.  

Just before his death he decided to form a will leaving all his property to the Greek State, with the sole purpose of the establishment of a foundation named "The Greek Student Home". Its aim would be to construct a Student Dormitory for female greek students studying in Paris and if that weren't possible, in Greece.

The executor of his will was his close friend Demetrios Synadinos, born in Patras, an executive of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, distinguished legist and literary man, who had already been the General Secretary of the Palamas Foundation. He was assisted by the Metropolitan Bishop in Paris Meletios, as well as the Greek Ambassador in France, born in Akarnania , Palamas Xanthopoulos.

After the property settlement of the legator both in Greece and abroad, the public welfare and non profit Institution named "Demetrios & Lillie Stavropoulou Foundation" was established in 1981.