Dormitory of Stavropoulos Foundation

The evolution of a legacy

The late legator Demetrios Stavropoulos created the public welfare Foundation of Demetrios & Lili  Stavropoulos, in which he bequeathed while still living, his whole property. The purpose of the Foundation was the construction of the Student Dormitory named «The Greek Student Home».

The housing problem of the Greek students, both inland as well as abroad, is rather acute. The primary aim of the provider was to relieve this intense housing problem faced by Greek students in Paris, where he had been active for many years.

The public welfare Foundation became real in 1980. As we can see in the regulations article, published in FEK 62/Α 15-3-1980, its operation is based on the Greek Law 1939/39, while it is controlled and supervised by the General Bequest and Public Property Management of the Ministry of Economics and Finance.

The contemporary history of the Foundation begins in 1999, when the current Board of directors was appointed by the Ministry of Economics and Finance, thus, putting into practice the will of the provider as far as the composition of the Board is concerned. This appointment was necessary due to the advanced age of the previous Board members and the sudden death of one of them.

The first goal of the new Board was the complete inventory and legalization of the Foundation property in Greece as well as abroad and it took four years for this complex procedure to be completed. In the meantime, new offices were constructed inside the Foundation in order to address the operational needs of the Bequest.

Even though priority was given to the provider’s will that the Foundation be established in Paris, unfortunately this was not possible because of insurmountable difficulties. A similar effort was made to establish the Foundation in Athens, in Zografou University Campus in particular, but this was also impossible due to the fact that there has been no compatibility of goals between the University of Athens and the wishes of the provider.

It was then decided by the Board (in the 24th meeting of 12-2-2003) that the execution of the above mentioned project would be held in Patras, through buying a privately owned site near the University of Patras, since it had not been possible for it to be realized in the University Campus.

Even though this decision had been imposed by the circumstances, it was partly a transformation of the provider’s original wishes; for this reason the Board sought approval by the Athens Court of Appeal. The General Bequest and Public Property Management of the Ministry of Economics and Finance finally issued the 1030938/1446/Β0011/21-4-2003 decision with which: "It approves the purchase of a site in Patras, in order for the building of the ‘Greek Student Home’ to be constructed”.

The realization of the project

In early 2004 the Foundation began the efforts to gain approval for the deviation of the building rules, leading to the 4728/2005 construction permit. According to this permit, the total building surface is 881,81m2 and the total construction is 1514,07m2, 830,63m2 of which is on the ground floor and 683,44 m2 is on the first floor, while there is an additional 743,35m2 space in the basement.

The designs have been done by a team of engineers led by the Architect Professor Solonas Xenopoulos of the National Technical University of Athens following requirements and specifications based on energy efficiency and contemporary design. The ground plans of the three levels of the building are located in the following hyperlinks:

LEVEL-Α (Legend), LEVEL-Β (Legend), LEVEL-C (Legend)

The building includes forty six single and fully equipped rooms (bed, bookcase, desk, fridge etc.) and six double rooms, of which two are for people with special needs. There are also public spaces like a library, internet access point and 2 offices.
Also, there are electrical/mechanical facilities, storage rooms, laundry room in the basement, and waiting room in the first floor as well as secretary office in the ground floor. There is also an amphitheater for 100 people, which is separated but connected to the main building through an enclosed corridor.

The whole investment reaches approximately 3 million € and is completely covered by the Foundation resources.

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